Performance of investment activities in accordance with the laws of the Russian Federation;

Operation and maintenance of the facilities of oil pipeline transportation;

Transportation of oil by trunk pipelines;

Oil shipment from the loading pipeline stations;

Oil storage in tanks, storage of oil refinery products;

Works aimed at integrated development of the pipeline network, oil transshipment depots, tank car discharge racks and other oil pipeline transportation facilities;

Overhaul and routine repair of equipment, buildings and structures, including amenities;

Performance of repair, emergency response and restoration operations at the oil pipeline transportation facilities;

Installation of equipment, start-up and set-up operations at the oil pipeline transportation facilities;

Participation in accomplishment of objectives essential for scientific and technical advancement in pipeline transportation, adoption of cutting-edge technologies and application of high-quality materials;

Design, construction and operation, temporary shutdown and abandonment of oil pipeline transportation or other facilities;

Cooperation with oil producing and oil transporting companies of the Russian Federation and of other countries in matters relating to oil transportation, including cooperation under intergovernmental agreements;

Strengthening of the foreign economic relationships of the Company.