Transneft East completed next stage of Skovorodino-Mokhe oil pipeline capacity extension

Transneft East completed the work within stage III of the Skovorodino-Mokhe oil trunk pipeline (OTP) capacity extension to 30 mtpa. According to the programme, a 50,000 cubic meter (RVSP-50 000) oil storage tank was built at Skovorodino oil pump station No.21. Simultaneously a fire water tank for 2,000 cubic meters (RVS-2000) was also built. The integrated control system of the ESPO-I oil trunk pipeline was debugged as well.

Transneft East conducts a campaign devoted to energy saving

The campaign “With Respect to Energy Saving”, oriented to drawing the public attention to efficient use of energy and development of renewable energy resources, was started on November 11, 2016 as part of the World Energy Saving Day on the initiative of Transneft East.