Employees of Transneft East, LLC, have Joined Green Russia.

Date of publication: 03 September 2014

The employees of the company took part in the All-Russian Environmental Voluntary Clean-Up
The initiative of the voluntary clean-up organized by Green Russia, the Russian Environmental Social Movement was welcomed by employees of Transneft East, LLC.
Last Saturday in Bratsk more than one hundred oil-industry employees, together with their families, participated in the clean-up of the site. It took them only one hour to clean impeccably one of the most bustling pedestrian areas, which connects neighborhoods through the forest. The result of the clean-up was almost 100 bags of garbage.
– If there is a possibility, clean-ups must be done, Dmitry Sipenyatov, Head of the Electric Inspection Service, points out. – Not only to support the image of the company as being environmentally responsible, but also because they must be a natural duty of everyone – picking up a piece of paper dropped by someone to the ground, whitewashing the curb, planting a tree. Our children participate together with us in the clean-up. I am sure that they should very early understand how it is important to love, take care of and protect everything that lives on our planet.
On that day, the Nizhneudinsk colleagues of the Bratsk employees also took part in the clean-up event. Almost half of a ton of garbage was removed from the clean-up site – the bank of the Uda River.
– There were piles of garbage near the river; it was left by careless «lovers» of nature during the summer, Igor Demyanov, a foreman of the Procurement Department of the Nizhneudinsk PS, voices his opinion. Environment and environmental protection are among top priorities for our company; therefore, though it was raining, the people willingly put aside their personal plans and came to clean the bank littered with garbage.
The participation of employees of Transneft East, LLC, in the large-scale event proves their socially active attitude. Nearly in all the regions where the company has its facilities oil pipeline-builders and operators take part in community events of the city, in charitable and social programs.