Construction of the Bridge across the Amga River Has Been Completed

Date of publication: 18 November 2014

Transneft East, LLC, has completed the construction of the bridge across the Amga River (Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Aldan Region). The construction of the bridge lasted for one year. The total length of the bridge is 158 meters, the rated load on the structure is 100 tons.
The construction was primarily necessitated due to unpredictable characteristics of northern rivers. Water courses several dozen meters wide can become many times as wide during seasonal floods. The new bridge across the Amga will help to solve the problem with year-round maintenance of the oil pipeline in this area.
The bridge is designed as a complex consisting of two onshore piers, two intermediate piers and a metal superstructure. Each pier is designed as a concrete block mounted on five columns 1,220 mm in diameter. This type of design makes the bridge highly stable during flood periods and ice drift. The bridge driveway is paved with steel fiber concrete – modern impact resistant and durable material characterized by resistance to frost, water impermeability, high resistance to dynamic and static loads.
The flow rate in the area of the bridge is about 1 m/sec; the depth of the river is approximately two meters. Due to the rocky soils in the area of location of the bridge, full-scale drilling operations had to be performed. Since the operation of ESPO PS-1 started, the bridge across the Amga has been the twenty-second bridge built by Transneft East, LLC, in Yakutia and the Irkutsk Region.