Environmental Specialist of the Neryungri District Visited the ESPO Facilities

Date of publication: 10 March 2015

The experts of the Neryungri Committee for Nature Protection at the Ministry of Nature Protection of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) monitored the condition of water courses on the route of the Eastern Siberia – Pacific Ocean oil pipeline (ESPO). Such investigations are conducted twice a year on all the rivers and streams crossed by the pipeline. In particular, the condition of water in the rivers of Khatymi, Chulmakan, Nalymakit, Chulman, Iengra and Timpton is subject to regular surveys.
During January and February of 2015, the environmental specialists tested the samples of water in the area of the underwater crossing on the Chulman River. The results of the laboratory studies showed that the quantity of suspended solids and oil products in the areas of ESPO oil pipeline crossing with the Chulman River corresponds to the maximum allowable concentrations. They revealed no violations of the water legislation.
Besides, for the purposes of monitoring the environmental conditions in the Neryungri District, in January and February, in the territory of the Town of Neryungri, the experts took samples of snow for subsequent laboratory studies.
Monitoring the state of environment within the footprint of the ESPO pipeline system is conducted by the Neryungri Committee for Nature Protection in line with the schedule approved by the Ministry of Nature Protection of Yakutia. The work is performed throughout the territory of the ESPO pipeline route, as stated Aleksandr Systerov, Deputy Head of the Service of Environmental Safety and Rational Nature Management of Transneft East, LLC.
«Joint work with republican environmental experts is the evidence of our interest in a safe pipeline operation. The slightest deviation from the normal parameters, in case of revealing such facts, would be an additional reason for us to conduct an internal inspection. But now we can state with confidence that the level of internal control we have established is fully consistent with the Yakutian environmentalists’ concept of a safe oil pumping process», – stressed Aleksandr Systerov.
Following the results of inspection and raiding, monitoring activities, and due to cooperation of the Committee with Transneft East, LLC, during the period of the ESPO oil pipeline system operation in the territory of the Neryungri District, there were no emergency situation related to oil spillage which could cause damage to the environment.


Press service of Transneft East, LLC