Transneft East, LLC and Bratsk Town Administration Conclude a Social Partnership Agreement

Date of publication: 26 March 2015

Today, Transneft East, LLC and the Bratsk town administration concluded an agreement on social partnership. The agreement was countersigned by Sergey Serebrennikov, Mayor of Bratsk and Viktor Bronnikov, General Director of Transneft East, LLC. This is the third agreement since the beginning of this year. The first two agreements were executed by the town administration with the Ilim Group and RUSAL Bratsk, JSC.

According to the terms of the agreement signed today, the city of Bratsk will receive seven million rubles. All the money will be spent on social projects. It is assumed that four million rubles will be spent to replace the sunshades of the town’s kindergarten gazebos. According to Marina Zubakova, Bratsk Deputy Mayor for Social Affairs, sunshades will be replaced in approximately ten kindergartens. Another three million rubles will be spent to renovate the room that will accommodate the Victor Serbsky Public Library of poetry, famous not only in Bratsk, but throughout the Irkutsk Region. At the moment, the library is set up in a four-room apartment on the fourth floor of a residential building. The library’s rare collection consists of more than five thousand publications,  including unique samples autographed by the authors. The new premises that will  accommodate the Serbsky Library are located in the Energetic Community Center, not far from the First Builders Public Gardens, opposite the monument to Ivan Naymushin. It is expected that all major repairs will be carried out in summer, and the library will be opened in early December, by the 60th anniversary of the city of Bratsk. Marina Zubakova reported that this room will also accommodate a «Literary Salon» that will hold literary meetings and creative performances by Bratsk poets and writers.