Transneft East conducted the first stage of the youth research and training conference

Date of publication: 30 November 2017 Print

On 30 November 2017 Transneft East conducted the first round of the II International Youth Science and Technology Conference of Transneft and the entities - members of the International Association of Oil Transporters.

The conference is a traditional event joining young professionals of oil pipeline industry and is conducted for more than ten years. Employees at the age of up to 30 years old participate in it. The conference’s purpose is development of scientific and technical potential of young employees; the best innovations find their practical application at the industrial facilities of Transneft.

This year thirty six works of forty four young professionals were admitted for the first round; the works passed detailed pre-qualification at the level of the branches of Transneft East.

The winners of the first round will participate in the second stage, which will be conducted in February-March 2018. Heads of the leading business units of Transneft will participate in consideration of the works, and in the final third round the works will be assessed by the heads of the parent company.


The winners of the first round are as follows:

- Session “Design and Operation, Construction and Revamping of Oil Trunk Pipelines”:

1 place - Aleksei Boitsov, “Using the Global Positioning System (GPS, GLONASS) upon Air Patrolling and Development of Software to Optimize Tracking of the Violations Revealed”;

- Session “Mechanical and Power Equipment, Corrosion Protection”:

1 place - Evgenii Turchin, “The Monitoring System for Condition of Electrochemical Protection of Industrial Oil Pipelines and Tanks at the Territories of PS (Oil Pump Stations)”;

- Session “Automation of Plant Control Systems and Communication”:

1 place - Pavel Larkov, “AWS (Automated Workstation) Route Road”;

- Session “Industrial, Fire, Environmental Safety and Occupational Health and Safety”:

1 place - Evgenii Fisher, “Increasing Fire Safety at Motor Transport.  Using Automated Fire-Fighting Systems”;

- Session “Supervisory Control (Dispatching). Commodity Transport Operations, Metrology”:

1 place - Aleksei Grigorev, “Metering System for Measuring Instruments and Metrological Control Results Using Bar Coding”;

- Session “Economics, Management and Legal Issues”

1 place - Mikhail Savchuk, “Automation of Contractors Financial Analysis upon Trading”;

- Session “New Approach analytical and theoretical projects for innovative development of Transneft activities, technologies, industrial and business processes”

1 place - Dmitrii Donskoi, “The Method of Confirming Authenticity of the Signal of LDT (leak detection techniques and equipment) Regarding Oil Leakages at the LP (Linear Portion) of OTP (Oil Trunk Pipelines)”.


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