Transneft East Proves the Competence of Environmental Analysis Laboratories

Date of publication: 22 February 2018 Print


The field audit by experts from the Federal Service for Accreditation (RusAccreditation) of the environmental analysis laboratories (EAL) at oil pumping stations (PS) #10 Talakan (Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)) and PS #21 Skovorodino (Amur Region) for the Eastern Siberia – Pacific Ocean oil trunk pipeline of Transneft East is over.

The expert groups of RusAccreditation were tasked with checking the EALs compliance with the quality management requirements for such labs, assessing the physical infrastructure and the equipment, availability of essential documents, the personnel’s performance while conducting tests and metering works.

Based on the results of their field audits, experts thought that the specialists of EALs exhibited a high level of competence while conducting works chosen for the accreditation. The laboratories of Transneft East are outfitted with up-to-date equipment, most of it made by domestic manufacturers. The expert opinion report states that the EALs are compliant with the accreditation criteria which allows the given labs to perform industrial environmental control (IEC) of effluents, natural water and groundwater, atmospheric air and potable water in the places of Transneft East’s industrial activity: Irkutsk and Amur Regions, Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)  and Krasnoyarsk Region.

The accreditation certificate obtained by EALs allows Transneft East to submit information on IEC results to government oversight bodies for entering the data on monitoring facilities that cause adverse impact into the state monitoring registers, which will promote even greater openness and awareness of the population of the Company’s industrial activities and its environmental policy.

For reference:

Three environmental analysis labs operate in the system of industrial facilities as part of the Transneft East infrastructure: at initial pumping station (IPS) #1 Tayshet (Irkutsk Region), PS #10 Talakan (Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)) and PS #21 Skovorodino (Amur Region).

The main mission of the laboratories is to perform industrial environmental analysis that includes monitoring effluents and groundwater, potable water and atmospheric air. The given measures allow continuous environmental monitoring and ensure the minimum admissible level of the environmental impact by oil pipeline facilities. In accordance with the Federal Law “On Accreditation in the National Accreditation System”, all laboratories of Transneft East corroborate their competence in the field of accreditation once every two years.

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