Transneft East starts preparing its production facilities for flood season

Date of publication: 15 March 2018 Print


Transneft East has started preparing its production facilities, including the Omsk – Irkutsk, Krasnoyarsk – Irkutsk, Kuyumba – Tayshet, Skovorodino – Mohe oil trunk pipelines (OTPs) of the Eastern Siberia – Pacific Ocean pipeline system (ESPO PS-1) for the flood season.

To keep the area under the facilities from flooding, Transneft East has developed a plan to drain melt waters in the linear portion of OTPs. On-land and aerial surveys will be used to evaluate the current situation to prevent ice blockages and artificial water level rises in rivers. Additional measures will be taken to reinforce the sections exposed to flood scouring. Special warnings will be issued to land users and entities performing work in protected zones of trunk pipelines.

Transneft East professionals will also perform seasonal maintenance of stop valves in the linear portion of pipelines, check the valves for complete opening/closing in local and remote modes. All units that store emergency machinery and vehicles and station the staff of special emergency response crews have been placed on high alert; the Company has inspected the equipment used to contain and eliminate emergency oil spills: boom lines, watercraft, oil-skimming equipment and pump-out units.

Checkpoints and observation stations attended by the Company employees will be arranged at OTP underwater crossings in the Irkutsk, Amur regions and Yakutia. During the flood season, dedicated task forces will monitor the condition of pipelines, power supply lines and power sources more closely.

Transneft East is expected to complete preparations for the flood season by late March 2018.

Transneft East