Transneft East holds extraordinary fire safety inspection

Date of publication: 11 April 2018 Print


An extraordinary inspection of Transneft East administrative and residential facilities has been held to ensure fire safety.

All Company’s business units have held trainings to practise the actions of the personnel and Transneft Security’s employees during a fire evacuation, inter alia the actions that ought to be taken in case a “Fire” signal is received from the fire safety systems. The Company held 69 practical drills to polish fire evacuation from administrative and residential buildings, work on the evacuation plans and improve the interaction between the onsite personnel and the fire guard units. The drills included polishing the skills of extinguishing simulated fires, checking the instructions for switching off electrical equipment in the case of a fire, including in the nighttime.

Within the inspection, 95 fire safety systems at administrative and residential buildings were tested to ensure, among other things, their ability to work using backup power sources. All systems are properly functioning and operable. Transneft East has held extraordinary fire safety briefings at all facilities to instruct the employees on their actions in the case of a fire and also to practice the application of personal respiratory and eye protection equipment. The extraordinary inspection proved that Transneft East employees were ready to act in emergency situations during fires.