Transneft East holds Occupational Safety Day

Date of publication: 26 April 2018 Print


Transneft East has held an Occupational Safety Day at Angarsk production support base (PSB) in the city of Angarsk . The event was dedicated to the World Day for Safety and Health at Work, which is celebrated on April 28.

There were 10 teams that represented branches of the Specialized Transport Directorate (STD), as well as Irkutsk, Lensk and Neryungri Regional Oil Pipeline Directorates (RPDs). The contestants had to not only show their professional knowledge in the field of occupational safety, but also to faultlessly provide first aid to “victims” as well as to hold creative presentations on the importance of compliance with occupational safety requirements.

The following employees managed to prove their complete knowledge within the set time frame in the individual standings and were awarded medals and given memorable gifts:

- Konstantin Chumakov, a processing units repairman at mechanical process units servicing site of Tulun line maintenance area (LMA affiliated with Irkutsk RPD, won in the first aid (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) category;

- Aleksandr Kuznetsov, a processing and repair units (PRU) repairman at Tulun LPA of Irkutsk RPD, won in the personal protective equipment category;

- Mikhail Zakharov, a rigger at Angarsk PSB of Irkutsk RPD, won in the hazard identification for injury prevention category;

- Aleksandr Yashin, a PRU Lathe Operator at OPS-13 of Lensk RPD, won in the safety signs (meaning) category;

- Svetlana Polyakova, a labourer at Angarsk PSB of Irkutsk RPD, won in the safe work permit category;

- Igor Bogachev, an underground pipelines corrosion protection installer at Neryungri PSB of Lensk RPD, won in the safety signs (proper use of safety signs from a set) category;

- Roman Mironov, an electrical equipment repair

and maintenance fitter at OPS-12 of Lensk RPD, won in the occupational safety regulations category.

In the team standings, Angarsk PSB finished first, second place was taken by OPS-12 of Lensk RPD with Angarsk Oil Loading Section (AOLS) of Irkutsk RPD finishing third.

In addition, the team of Neryungri PSB of Neryungri RPD was recognized as the Best Occupational Safety Business Unit of 2017 and received the challenge cup.

Transneft East places a lot of attention on occupational safety. Training and instructing employees as well as holding specialised competitions and promoting occupational safety are important components of the Company’s social policy.  

Transneft East Press Service