Transneft East Acts as Yakutian Ethnic Culture Festival Partner

Date of publication: 02 July 2018

Transneft East acted as a partner of the annual national culture holiday of Yakutia, Yhyakh Olonkho. The celebration took place last weekend in the Savaki cultural and ethnographic complex in the town of Aldan.

Yhyakh is a traditional holiday of the Sakha people, symbolizing the awakening of nature and the coming of summer. The celebration involves elements of the national culture: traditional clothing, cuisine, music and folklore.

During the ceremonial part of the event, the Transneft East delegation attended a meeting with Aysen Nikolayev, Acting Head of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). In a conversation with Aysen Nikolayev, Alexander Mistryukov, Director of Neryungri Regional Oil Pipeline Directorate, highlighted the importance of such events.

"When acting as a partner of such ethnic culture events as Yhyakh Olonkho, Transneft East supports people’s aspiration to participate in national cultural and sports competitions that preserve national cultures," said Alexander Mistryukov.

The ceremonial part was followed by theme competitions and festive concerts, and everyone could take part in sports contests. Participants demonstrated their strength in khapsagai, the Yakutian national martial art, and mass wrestling – pulling a stick. Men competed in making bows and shooting for distance and accuracy.

The most spectacular event was Er Berde, the national multi-sport competition for men. Yakutian athletes competed in lifting extreme weights: lifting and moving a 130-kg stone, towing a car weighing 2 tonnes, throwing a stone and running with a load.

As part of the charity program, Transneft East allocated funds for the purchase of prizes: the winners of national competitions in various categories received power generators, chainsaws, televisions and motorcycles.

Transneft East Press Service