Transneft East Conducts Research of Flora in Areas Around Oil Pipelines

Date of publication: 04 July 2018 Print

Transneft East has organised a study of plant life in the territories enclosing oil trunk pipelines.

From 27 June to 7 July 2018, an expedition team including researchers from the Laboratory of Ecology and Geobotany of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences' Central Siberian Botanical Garden will conduct research at locations containing Transneft East’s operational infrastructure.

The area of scientific research includes the territory near Tayshet oil pumping station (PS), Nizhneudinsk PS and the Tulun, Kimeltey and Angarsk line maintenance sections (units of the Omsk – Irkutsk and Krasnoyarsk – Irkutsk oil pipeline facility system).

The main purpose of the research work is compliance with the environmental legislation of the Russian Federation and the basic requirements of the town planning code.

The scientists will analyse the results of the scientific expedition to prepare a report on the presence or absence of rare species of plants, mushrooms and lichens in the protected zones of oil trunk pipelines. If the scientists identify rare specimens, there already is a set of measures for their protection developed by the Company: transferring them to another territory or placing them under special monitoring.

In addition, by conducting the research, the scientists get an additional opportunity to study the flora of the southern parts of Irkutsk Region. This way Transneft East contributes to the development of geobotany in the region, providing an opportunity to assess the anthropogenic impact on plant life.

Transneft East Press Service