Transneft East Completes Installation of Power Equipment at Power Supply Facilities of Two PSs under Construction in Irkutsk Region

Date of publication: 08 October 2018

Installation of main power equipment has been completed at the external power supply (EPS) facilities of the oil pumping stations (PSs) No. 2 and No. 5, that are being constructed in Irkutsk Region.

Outdoor switchgear was mounted, module substation-level control centres were constructed, and power transformers were installed. High-voltage lines are currently under construction. The completion of the works and the commissioning of the external power supply facilities are scheduled for Q3 2019.

Construction of external power supply facilities and ESPO - 1 stations in general is carried out within the investment programme for extending the capacity of the Eastern Siberia – Pacific Ocean pipeline system up to 80 million tonnes of oil per year.

In addition, within the first phase of external power supply facilities’ construction, power equipment commissioning works have commenced at PS-7 in Irkutsk Region. Relay protection as well as emergency control automation, telemechanics and security systems will soon be put into operation within the project.  

To date, two single-circuit overhead high-voltage transmission lines (220 kV) with a total length of almost 250 km were constructed at PS-7. Outdoor switchgear (220 kV) was assembled, power transformers were installed, and a multi-purpose process building was constructed at the substation. The completion of this PS’s external power supply project is scheduled for December this year.

The commissioning of the new power infrastructure will ensure highly reliable power supply to the facilities involved in the transportation of oil via the ESPO-I.

Transneft East Press Service