Transneft East Completes Assembly of First Span of Overhead Railway Crossing in Irkutsk Region

Date of publication: 22 November 2018

Assembly of the first span in the overhead railway crossing, at 195.8 km of the Eastern Siberia – Pacific Ocean (ESPO-1) oil trunk pipeline (OTP) has been completed in Irkutsk Region. Preparations were launched for the assembly of the second span. The total length of the spans is 48 metres.

The total length of the crossing and access roads is 1.1 km. The 6.5 m wide structure has two service passages. The roadway of the crossing has a 120 mm thick reinforced concrete paving. A wall was already mounted on one side of the structure, the second one is currently being constructed. Such walls rule out the possibility of soil falling onto railway tracks.

The facility is being constructed at extremely low temperatures. Currently, the average air temperature at the construction site is -28°C. The facility employs 12 persons and 13 units of special machinery.

State-of-the-art construction technologies are applied to ensure high-quality construction: anti-freezing agents are added into the concrete mix. All inert materials (gravel, sand) are preheated prior to installation.

The project is being implemented within the scope of Transneft East’s technical upgrading, revamping and overhaul programme to ensure uninterrupted operation of the ESPO oil trunk pipeline and its facilities at this section. Operational machinery had problems crossing the railway tracks prior to the commencement of the crossing’s construction.

The construction is expected to be completed in Q3 2019.

Transneft East Press Service