Nizhneudinsk Oil Pumping Station of Transneft East Celebrates 55th Anniversary

Date of publication: 06 September 2019

The station was commissioned in 1964 and was originally part of the operating facilities system of the former Transsibneft, which was later transformed into Transneft Western Siberia. In 2006, after the founding of Transneft East, the facility was included in the new subsidiary of Transneft.

Nizhneudinsk PS is one of the key facilities of the Omsk – Irkutsk and Krasnoyarsk – Irkutsk oil trunk pipelines.

Each year, the station pumps 10 million tons of crude to the Angarsk oil section in the Meget village of Irkutsk Region. Part of the crude hydrocarbons is shipped using railway tanks, and the rest is sent to the Angarsk Refinery.

Since 2010, the reconstruction of the tank farm has been completed, a new booster station has been built, mud-trap filters have been replaced, the administrative and amenity building has been repaired and the building of the indoor switchgear has been revamped as part of the programme for technical upgrading and improvement of the facilities of Transneft East.

The Nizhneudinsk PS employs 165 people. Workers are continuously solving the important task of ensuring uninterrupted transportation of oil from the East Siberian fields. Today, the technological equipment of the Nizhneudinsk PS meets the highest standards and can guarantee environmental and industrial safety.

Transneft East Press Service