Robotics Classroom Opened at School in Bratsk with Support of Transneft East

Date of publication: 23 March 2020

At Secondary School No. 45 of Bratsk, a classroom for robotics has been opened. The charity project was implemented with the support of Transneft East.

Classroom furniture, multimedia equipment, as well as modern robotic kits for design and programming, were purchased using the charity finding. The Technology and Physics and Space Projects basic and resource kits will allow schoolchildren to create both small automated mechanisms and fully autonomous robots.  

The goal of the project is to create a modern material and technical base of the educational institution, to introduce modern educational standards.      

“Now we have an opportunity to introduce children to modern information technologies. In the next academic year, we will start teaching robotics as an academic discipline to primary, secondary and senior students. The global goal of our project is to stimulate students' interest in exact sciences, as well as their further choice of engineering specialties,” Valentina Polymskaya, Director of School No. 45, emphasised.

Since 2018, Transneft East has been actively supporting and developing the basics of design and programming in schools and nursery schools in the regions where it operates. The company also finances repairs of classrooms and purchase of special equipment. The total amount of funds allocated for these purposes is over RUB 9 million. 

Transneft East Press Service