Transneft East Completes Repair of Stop Valves in Angarsk Oil Loading Section of Irkutsk Region

Date of publication: 26 May 2020

Transneft East has completed the midlife repair of stop valves in the Angarsk oil loading section of the Irkutsk Regional Oil Pipeline Directorate.

During the scheduled repair, specialists restored 10 DN 500 PN wedge gate valves with a nominal pressure of 2.5 MPa. The equipment was involved in the transportation of crude oil by pipeline to the Angarsk Petrochemical Plant and filling in railway tanks on a loading rack. 

Stop valves are used to cut off sections of the pipeline in order to carry out repairs or regulate the transportation volumes of crude oil. The purpose of the work is to restore the resource and increase the operational reliability of the equipment involved in the transportation of crude oil. This year the repair of 64 pieces of equipment is planned in the framework of the programme for the midlife repair of stop and check valves on technological pipelines of oil pumping stations and the pipelines in the area of responsibility of Transneft-Vostok.

Transneft East Press Service