Transneft East Completes Construction of 4 Rural Health Posts in Irkutsk Region Ahead of Schedule

Date of publication: 16 July 2020

Transneft East has completed the implementation of a large-scale socially significant project for construction of ten rural health posts in the districts of Irkutsk Region affected by the flood in 2019. Transneft’s charity project was carried out upon the relevant order of the Government of the Russian Federation. About RUB 320 million were allocated for the construction and equipping of the rural health posts. The commissioning of medical facilities will increase the availability and provide high-quality medical care for the population in remote areas of Irkutsk Region.

Six rural health posts, which were built as part of the project’s second phase, were constructed and put into operation two months earlier than planned, while remaining compliant with high standards of construction quality. Four of them are located in Tayshetsky District (Tremina Village, Zarechnoye, Novotremino, Serebrovo Settlements), one — in Voznesensky Settlement of Nizhneudinsky District, and one more — in Arshan Settlement of Tulunsky District.

. All ten rural health posts are equipped with modern medical equipment, allowing to provide a wide range of medical services to residents. For primary health care, there is a defibrillator, a gynecological chair, an electrocardiograph, as well as a portable device for artificial respiration. For example, now a feldsher can help a person with anaphylactic shock, treat a patient with acute cerebrovascular accident and stop gastrointestinal bleeding. The list of equipment includes a set of medical devices that allow taking material for analysis on infectious diseases that pose a danger to others. In case of an urgent need, the medical worker will be able to assist an urgent delivery and provide the necessary level of comfort for the woman in labour and the newborn. The rural health posts’ connection to the Internet allows the feldsher to receive medical advice from a district hospital in the telemedicine format.

The new health posts meet the most stringent safety requirements: they are equipped with fire alarm and security systems, outfitted with modern household appliances and furniture. To ensure stable power supply, the facilities have a standby power supply source — a diesel power plant. A road is built to each post, playgrounds and fences are installed.

The opening ceremony in Voznesensky Settlement of Tayshetsky District was attended by Aleksandr Puzikov, Director General of Transneft East; Anatoly Krupenev, Mayor of Nizhneudinsky District; Marat Radzhabov, Chief Physician of the Nizhneudinsky District Hospital.

In December last year, the first four of the ten medical facilities were opened in Ukar and Zentsova Villages of Nizhneudinsky District, Biryusa Village of Tayshetsky District, as well as in Burkhun Village of Tulunsky District.

Transneft East Press Service