Transneft East Conducts Drill at Initial Pumping Station in Krasnoyarsk Territory

Date of publication: 07 October 2020

Transneft East has conducted a comprehensive emergency response drill (CERD) at the Kuyumba initial pumping station-1 of the Kuyumba-Tayshet oil trunk pipeline in Krasnoyarsk Territory.

The goal was to practice actions to eliminate consequences of oil “release” from a pipeline, as well as incidents associated with equipment failure.

According to the CERD drill scenario, the dispatcher of the district control centre received a message about an “emergency pressure drop” at a section of the Kuyumba – Tayshet oil trunk pipeline. A patrol crew went to the “emergency” site and confirmed the oil “release”, after that an “emergency regime” was declared at the facility. Brigades of the Kuyumba IPS emergency line maintenance division and the Angarsk central maintenance division contained the “spill” and restored the pipeline integrity. Continuous environmental analysis was carried out, and “reclamation works” were performed at the end.

For other CERD conditions, scenarios related to equipment malfunction were practiced. In particular, specialists restored the voltage after a "short circuit", eliminated the "unreliability" of oil pressure readings at a booster pump unit outlet. The operability of the fire extinguishing system which failed in a conditional mode was restored. Consequences of an “emergency” at a refueling complex were also eliminated. According to the drill scenario, petroleum products were “spilled” there due to a fuel dispenser malfunction.

Each condition was supplemented with a task for providing first aid to “injured”.

The drill was held as part of a specially developed programme for prompt response to emergencies. The event involved more than 80 people, 13 units of special-purpose vehicles were used.

Members of the supervisory commission positively evaluated the activity of the employees of Transneft East’s business units. The scheduled works under the CERD were completed to the full extent and in time.


Transneft East Press Service